Swiss Artist born in 1976

Lives & Works between France & Switzerland

Born into a family of architects, Joëlle decided not to follow the ready-made career path and instead chose to use the notion of space to derive the source of an art where territories and landscapes appear at the edge of reality and the abstract. Photography, Oil painting, contemporary art, India ink, aerosol, acrylics, collages, installations… this young Swiss artist deliberately plays with the associations of colours to blur spatial perceptions – and those of the watching world.
Freedom of expression is the credo by which she lives her life, pushing the limits with boundless energy. She is both a visual and a conceptual artist whose work has been exhibited in many cities around Europe, an art historian, interior architect, and a lecturer at the Geneva School of Decorative Arts. Furthermore, she is an avid traveller, enjoying as many new voyages of discovery as there are themes to her artistic creations.
She is hyperactive, ploughing ahead at full speed. And as such, there is no other way for her to live than to follow her intuition right to the end, meet every challenge head-on, and explore her own limits.


Actual Work


*Paysages Recomposés*

technical sheets: cutting photography , 2018-2019

The works presented "Recomposed Landscapes" result from a series of photographs taken by the artist. These original shots are then printed. By layer, she cuts and cutouts them, places and superimposes them. By this way she recreats a landscape that reach towards abstraction and belongs to her. The technique of cutting (with chisel) belongs to an historical swiss art tradition, like the art of miniature. Coupled these techniques allow an attentive, selective, a form of writing of the work.