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Ink on canevas / Ink on paper

In Process is an artistic experiment started in 2021. The artist develops and experiments with his own working method, on the periphery of conventional and established mechanisms. In a quasi-shamanic automatism, the artist expresses himself through colour and the sequence of drawings. These highly constructed creative cycles are punctuated by ritual stages leading her to the heart of the experimentation of the artistic process.


She creates her own tools and follows her own path, suggesting landscapes through the creation of ink on paper or large canvas. Listening to her intuitions, the artist cuts, re-cuts, mixes and reassembles her sheets, which are then fragmented according to defined matrices. She produces powerful works that are always linked to the context of the exhibition. 

This meditative work sometimes brings together up to 700 drawings. For the artist nothing is lost, she keeps the scraps and re-cuts them to produce new works derived from the primary creation. The work then offers several degrees of dematerialization.

The artist, tightrope walker on a wire between abstract expressionism and action painting, proposes an artistic production which is transformed into an immersive experience. She invites the viewer to a journey, a dialogue with oneself.


Photgraphy 70 x 50 cm print on Hawagami paper

Photographic work on the Daubenhorn in Leukerbad, Valais.

The climate crisis, which is at the heart of human concerns, is changing the Swiss Alps. Temperatures are rising, glaciers are melting and the thawing of the permafrost is compromising the stability of the mountain ranges. According to the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), 6 to 8% of Switzerland is unstable. Settlements underneath permafrost zones can expect landslides and mudslides in the coming years.

The basis of the work "Matters" is a series of photographs dealing with the theme of the mountains, which are strongly affected by climate change and are transforming the Swiss Alpine landscape.

The rock face of the Daubenhorn in Leukerbad, photographed by the artist during a residency on the spot, is a recurring theme for the artist. "I was able to observe the rock face throughout the seasons and I realised that the mountain makes sounds throughout the year and resonates in the basin occupied by Leukerbad. The mountain changes, crumbles, and often in the winter undergoes large avalanches thus providing the music of the landscape. The work done on the Matters series is a poetic and sometimes frightening image of the mountain that disappears and crumbles little by little to finally show the substance of the rock face.

Pictorially, the digital treatment of the photograph, makes a work suggesting the pictorial work of the artist, it is no longer the painting which wants to reproduce a photograph but well and truly the photograph which evokes a pictorial gesture. The spectator is borrowed in front of the work not knowing if it is a work in ink or a photograph where the essence of the rock is cracked by the digital act (some pixels are selected and erased to suggest the degradation of the rock).


The presence of nature in the artist's work

Nature plays an important role in the artist's work. She grows her own indigo-trees in order to make her own indigo ink, and some of the canvases are stretched between the trees in her garden, where the canvas takes on the imprint of time, insects and falling fruit, giving the canvas the soul of the biological diversity of the garden. She then takes the time to paint with the indigo colour composed by the artist herself. This long and tedious work takes about two years.


Photographic and digital art in various formats printed on Hawagami paper

The Jura is part of the landscape that surrounds the artist since his childhood spent in the Mandement in Geneva. Over time, the Jura has become a theme of his own in his artistic work. The mountains, which are most often observed on horseback, are part of his daily observations. The artist takes pleasure in underlining the various nuances but also the seasons that make it so special to him.

The works presented in the portfolio show the diversity of the artist's digital work

Jura Blue edition continues the digital work started by the artist in 2022. This series is part of the Pantone Landscape work started more than 10 years ago today. The mountain represented is the Jura and the choice of the colour chart allows the artist to create a universe with an unreal atmosphere. No trace of man allows the viewer to freely enter this new world created from reality and transformed by the artist. Contemplation and escape are thus pushed towards a world composed of landscape sensation.


Vals reloaded
Photographic and digital art in various formats printed on Hawagami paper.

Think pink Vals was born following the success of the mother series VALS and the strong demand from the artist's entourage and collectors. This time, she turned to a smaller format framed with an American box in order to highlight this small landscape in the Swiss canton of Grisons. It is located in front of the famous thermal baths of Vals by the architect Peter Zumthor. The first act is the photograph which is then digitized, reworked. The landscape is cut out by the artist in order to deceive the vision and to abstract the "postcard" so dear to his native country. A radical act that questions the relationship to the landscape and to rural nature. The artist thus appropriates an extract of the territory and proposes it as a new reality to the spectator. In 2020 and despite the health context linked to covid-19, Joëlle Cabanne offers us a landscape escape from the confined reality. A small window opened on a landscape tending towards abstraction and far from the notion of romanticism


Paysages recomposés
Photographic collages and cut-outs 

The artist is passionate about the Alps & mountains *Recomposed Landscapes* is a tribute to the mountains of the Alps. The artist plays with different mountain landscapes, focusing on ridge lines, recreating imaginary massifs with real peaks. All the photographs are taken by the artist, then carefully cut out with small scissors and superimposed one by one. There is a long tradition of mountain representation in his country, just like cutting paper.
As is often the case in her work, the artist questions composition / perspective, reality / dream, sharp / hazy colours, with a deep respect for the mountain environment.



Random Art Memories
Retrospective of works

The works gathered here show the continuity within joëlle cabanne's work. The selection is comprehensive and also offers a vision of work in public space art. A complete portfolio can be sent on request.

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