The line builds everything. Charged with a symbolic, representative or spatial force, the line structures Joëlle's artistic universe which she calls alternately *ExtraWelt* *Fields* or *paysages recomposés*

The mains titles of her artseries.

The line is also paths, trajectories, the line has a beginning and an end in architecture. The line is also colored, textured, infinite, curved, straight, dotted. It becomes the conceptual and aesthetic foundation of the art of Joëlle Cabanne.

Like Ferdinand Hodler in front of the grandiose of the Swiss mountains and lakes, she dives into the colored sensation of the landscape, in the effects of mists, in the lines of crests... thus making appear the landscapes as expressionist metaphors of vital energy.


Joëlle Cabanne is part of the Sustainable Art Market (SAM) program, which engages artists in a process of ecological transition within  their  artistic practice. Each artist in the program develops a unique and solidary Partnership with an Association of support to the environment. As a SAM artist, Joëlle Cabanne collaborates and donates 10% of her sales to the association Pro Natura Switzerland.

Joëlle’s mediums are multiple, she creates her own tools from Balsa wood (flexible wood). Her practice goes from drawing to photography, cutting or inks on canvas and many others. Her series are always composed of several media (painting, drawings, and inks) Since 2017 she explore  Ink practice & by the  blue indigo.

In 2021 she began to grows indigo-trees so that she can create her own ink and shades of blue ink and learn the traditional way from indigo seed to ink production.

In the Japanese tradition each shade has its own name: kamenozoki (pale blue), asagi (pale blue-green), hanada (azure blue), nando (dark blue-green), ai (indigo, Prussian blue), kon (dark blue), and kachiiro (dark indigo, blue-black).



Joëlle Cabanne a swiss female artist born in Geneva in 1976. After an Artistic Maturity at Voltaire College in 1997, she study Art History and Cinema History at the University of Lausanne and Geneva (1997-2000).

Passionate about architecture, she continued her education at the EPFL (2000-2002) and then turned to the Haute École d'Art et de design Genève HEAD where she obtained her Bachelor of Art in 2005.

Since then she works as an architect in Geneva and pursues her artistic activity in parallel.  During 7 years she taught the architecture  as well as volume and drawing at the CFPArts in Geneva. Insatiable, she pursues her path as an architect in parallel with her work as a visual artist, since she co-founded dasBureau office of architecture and design.

Today Artist's Studio and Architecture's Office share the same space and grow together in symbiosis.

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Selected Exhibitions

2021      Fields

               Espace BoraBora I Acacias I Geneva I CH


               Galerie Ruine I Eaux-Vives I Geneva I CH


                  Pure Clinic I Versoix I Geneva I CH


                  Hôpital Intercantonal de la Broye I Payerne I CH


2020     Matière Hybride

                  Galerie Ruine I Eaux-Vives I Geneva I CH

               Terre et Ciel

                  Hôpital Intercantonal de la Broye I Estavayer le lac I CH

2019      Atelier(rrr)ouvre-Toi

                  Atelier portes ouvertes  I Halle nord  I Geneva I CH

               Unique Looks

                  Art Nou mil.lenni gallery I Barcelona I ES

               Collective de printemps

                  Ink gallery I Geneva I CH

2018      Paysages recomposés

                  Bejing Art Fair  I Art Nou mil.lenni gallery  I Bejing I CN


                  Nuit des Bains I Le bal des créateurs I Geneva I CH

2017      Nebuleuse

                 Coaster Art Show I The Square I Geneva I CH


                  Foound I Geneva I CH

2016      Birds

                 Art Basel Miami I Miami I California I USA


                  DuprazSulc I Geneva I CH

2015      Art to seve

                 Auction Event & exhibition

                 Théâtre de Saint Gervais I Geneva I CH

               Pantoned Coloured Landscapes

                 Palais de Beaulieue  I Lausanne I CH

2014      Cabinet de curiosité suite et fin...

                 Espace Abraham Joly I Geneva I CH


2013      ExtraWelt part two

                  Hopital de Bellerive  I Geneva I CH

               Birds little treasures

                 Galleria de Marchi  I Bologna I IT

2012      ExtraWelt part one

                  Espace Opéra I Huge I Geneva I CH


                 The Brick Lane Gallery  I London I UK

               City Wok

                  Barcelona Art fair I casa Battlo I Barcelona I ES


                  Amsterdam Art fair I Oude Kerk I Amsterdam I NL

2011       Voyager

                  The Brick Lane Gallery  I London I UK


                  AAD galerie  I Geneva I CH

2008      POP

                  Gallery Popper I Eaux Vives I Geneva I CH


               Matière Hybride

               by Nolwen Mégard

Art in Public space
Collections /  Art Talk

               Collection Fond d'art contemporain

               Hôpitaux Universitaires Geneva CH


              Art Installation Big Mamma Ultra Rose

               Bâtiment des Chênes Hôpitaux Universitaires Geneva CH

              Art Installation BIRDS 

               Bâtiment du CAAP ARVE I Hôpitaux Universitaires Geneva CH

              Art Talk  BIRDS 

               Fondation Louis Jantet I Geneva I CH

              Art Talk  Big mamma  

               École des Beaux Arts I Nantes I FR



  Joëlle Cabanne by Julien Herger

               Jour Bleu

               by Anne Laure Oberson


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